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MuLondon WordPress Giveaway: Win Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser

Originally posted on Mulondon Blog:
MuLondon’s deliciously fragranced, cruelty-free and vegan Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser has been chosen as the winner of the 20th anniversary Viva! Award. Celebrate & Win: Follow MuLondon on WordPress and reblog & like this…

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Long day!

Hey everyone! Whew..I am tired.. was gone all day on a hockey road trip..:)..had to travel 2 1/2 hours each way for 2 hockey games..oh the joys of being a “hockey mom”! But its all worth it to see the … Continue reading

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Free 7 day trial John Freida brilliant brunette

Hurry! Canadians, Go to facebook & “like” the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Canada fanpage and fill out for a 7 day trial of the Brilliant Brunette shampoo & conditioner! Great find! Hurry before its gone! 🙂 Also,contest for a … Continue reading

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Not the best picture of my boy,,but it was crazy hair day at school! lol

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Oh boy..more snow!!

Im sick of all this snow! Please go away now!!

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We had a snowstorm overnight! Lots of shovelling to do!

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Back Again

Hi everyone! I think I am slowly figuring this out,a little bit at a time,,finally got email subscriptions figured out..yay! It is over there on the right side..feel free to subscribe,I promise I wont be posting that much, 🙂 I am … Continue reading

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Brrr…its cold!!

Ok,Im trying to get the hang of this! Brr..its freezing here today,,(In Newfoundland,Canada) What is it like in your neck of the woods?..(although Im probably talking to readers yet! 🙂 )

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Me & My Boy!

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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! This is my first post..Im not even sure of Im doing it,,testing..! Oh well,probably only me thats gonna see it anyway..chow for now! 🙂

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